Great style is in your hands. Använd följande produkter för att skapa looken. 

Creative Texture


Texturizing Mineral Spray

För naturliga vågor och formbar textur med en matt effekt.  
Spray i handdukstorkat eller torrt hår.


Curly Twist

Twist Around

Curl Styling Spray

For creating beautiful curls - even on straight hair. Gives hold.
Spray onto dry hair.

Hold Factor


Rich Repair

Restoring Shampoo

Instantly reconstructs and reawakens the shine of natural hair. Minimizes color fading. Use on wet hair, rinse off.


Rich Repair

60 Sec. Treatment

Restores severely damaged hair structures from deep inside. Rebuilds the hair fiber. Use on wet hair, rinse off.


Rich Repair

6 Effects Serum

Anti-breakage effect that gives silky suppleness. Offers instant shine and reinforced hair structure. Use on towel-dried or dry hair, no rinse.


Rich Repair

Intensive Restoring Serum

Deeply strengthens for instant regeneration and protection from breakage. Enhances the natural beauty of the hair. Use on towel-dried hair, no rinse.